Hair Extensions Advice & Aftercare

Hair Extensions Advice & Aftercare

Lets face it, who has the patience to grow their own luscious locks? It seriously takes forever. That’s why we use Jadore Hair Extensions. In just one visit to Nail Studio you can have the gorgeous long hair that you’ve always dreamt of.

Jadore Hair Extensions are made from 100% human Remy European or Indian hair, which means that your extensions will look completely natural and feel amazing. Jadore only sources hair of the highest available quality so that it has a very similar structure to Caucasian hair. All of their hair extensions are of a lovely thickness to ensure that they blend in perfectly with your natural locks.

When looked after properly, Jadore’s Indian hair extensions will typically last 6-8 months and the premium Russian hair extensions can last 12 months+.

Jadore hair extensions only use Remy cuticle hair. This means that the hair is collected with all strands running in the same direction to ensure that the hair cuticle layer is facing the same direction from root to tip, just as they do in natural hair. This process helps to reduce tangling and ensures that the hair extensions look and feel natural.

Here at Nail Studio we offer tape hair extensions and clip in tape extensions can be ordered on request. We absolutely adore the Jadore products and know that you will too. To ensure that you get the most out of your hair extensions we have compiled a few care instructions:

Before your appointment:

  • Before your appointment to apply tape/skin weft tape extensions, make sure that you shampoo your hair twice with deep cleanse/clarifying shampoo and do not apply any conditioner or leave in products

Looking after your hair extensions:

  • Section up and brush hair daily with Jadore extension brush
  • Always hold?your hair at the attachments when brushing?to minimise tension and prevent any slipping or breakage
  • Never use products containing protein (this can cause tangling/matting and is irreversible even after one use)
  • Concentrate shampoo on the roots only- this will prevent unnecessary knotting and tangling of extensions
  • Apply conditioner to the mid lengths and ends only – application to the roots/bonds may cause slipping/movement of extensions
  • Apply J’adore Moroccan Argan oil to mid lengths and ends daily, particularly prior to heat styling.
  • Apply regular moisture treatments
  • Dry hair gently on low to medium heat
  • Do not lighten the hair, semi-permanent colours to be used only to tone or deepen the level
  • Do not sleep with wet hair, always tie in a plait or braid when sleeping
  • Apply a heat protectant before using any thermal styling tools
  • Plait hair before swimming
  • Rinse hair after swimming in pool or salt water
  • Extensions require maintenance every 6-8 weeks to keep your natural hair safe, damage free and manageable
  • When having tape/skin weft tape extensions applied do not wash or wet hair for at least 48 hours after application to ensure bonds seal securely
Jeanette competed at the following events:

– 3rd in Gel Category for sculptured tip & overlay