From Cuticle to Tip: 5 Tips For Choosing A Nail Technician

From Cuticle to Tip: 5 Tips For Choosing A Nail Technician

Whether you’re going in for your first full set or just a fill, you should always make sure your nail technician is maintaining a safe practice as well as a quality finish.

  1. First and foremost, you should ensure that the tools your nail technician use are sanitised. Sterilisation of the instruments ensures that any bacteria and fungal infections are not transferred. A good nail technician should be using at least, hospital-grade disinfectant. If you aren’t sure, it is fine to ask them what their procedure is.
  2. Most nail technicians should have a strong social media presence, showcasing their work and have a community with their clients. This shows the nail tech is professional and credible.
  3. A good nail technician will always stock the latest colours and products. This shows they keep up with science studies and the benefits these products can have for your nails. A nail technician that stocks unlabelled products or diluted polishes may not be reputable, don’t be shy to ask what they are.
  4. Communication. It is essential to the service that you are able to communicate clearly with your technician. If you can’t ask these questions and have them confidently explain the practice, that may be a clear sign they don’t know how to care for your nails and provide you a safe service.
  5. Lastly, a good nail technician wont cause you any discomfort. Nail techs that rip off artificial nails or saw off natural nails when filing, do not respect your nails or care for them.

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If you are uncertain about the credibility of your nail salon, ask to see your nail technicians certifications. To find out more about nail salon safety, read ABC News article featuring industry insider, Athena Elliott

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