Spaceship Nanny Children’s book


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Space Ship Nanny Childrens book

This wonderful book was written by a dear close friend of Jeanette’s which we are now selling for $30.? All profits will be donated to the Orphanage in Sri Lanka.

About the book:
Two school children saddened when their mother had to go into hospital, had their lives changed forever when their father hired a Nanny she was no ordinary nanny, not in their wildest dreams could they imagine just what lay in store for them, this being from another planet. Matt playing with his Dad’s computer got more than he bargained for when he made contact with an Alien who said they were sending down to Earth one of their Teacher’s for them disguised as a Nanny to teach them how to use positive thoughts and tap into the universe with their minds.

Jeanette competed at the following events:

– 3rd in Gel Category for sculptured tip & overlay